Do I Need Planning Permission For a Conservatory On The Isle of Man?

It is rare for the subject of planning approval to not be raised during the initial meeting with a customer. It is always best to check with your planning department if you are unsure.

Planning approval for a conservatory is required on the Isle of Man if:

  • The footprint is 15 square metres or more measured externally
  • The conservatory is within 1 metre or less of a boundary fence or wall
  • At its highest point is 4 metres or more above ground level
  • The conservatory is to be nearer to a road than the current nearest part of your home is to that road or within 20 metres – whichever is nearer.
  • Your home is within a conservation area or is a listed building.

If your conservatory falls into any of the above it does not mean you cannot build your conservatory, it just means planning permission will have to be applied for.

If we win your custom and you require planning approval we can handle the entire application process for you so you don’t need to do anything.

Replacing a Conservatory

If planning was required and approved for your original conservatory you will usually not need to apply again as long as the design is not being changed. 

For example, 12 years ago you or a previous owner made a planning application for an Edwardian style timber conservatory at the front of your house and it was granted.

You now wish to replace the timber conservatory with a UPVC one. The base is to be used again so the replacement will be the same Edwardian style as the original and you opt for a Rosewood woodgrain on the outside with white internal to match your windows.

In my experience this would be considered replacement of worn or failed parts and applying for planning again would not be required.

We always check with the planning office before proceeding though. You should note that the home owner is responsible for any planning permission. If your builder tells you it is not required but you aren’t sure you should always phone or visit your planning office to make sure.